View from Pagoda Hill

Twelve-year-old Ning doesn’t know where she belongs. The daughter of a Chinese woman and American man, Ning doesn’t fit in in 1870s Shanghai, where her American features and unbound feet make her stand out. When she receives news that her father will be visiting from America, Ning excitedly hopes that her parents will become a family. Instead, she learns that her father is taking her back with him to America. Ning wonders if being American will finally give her a sense of belonging, but when she arrives, she discovers that living in America isn’t perfect either. In this coming-of-age novel based on the life of author Michaela MacColl’s great-great-grandmother, a young girl learns to accept both sides of her heritage and find a new identity for herself.

Diversity, Family, Historical Fiction
Michaela MacColl
Calkins Creek
Author Website:
Booklist, Kirkus Review, School Library Journal Starred
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